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Hair Extensions by Breezy: Great Lengths®, DreamCatchers, Hairdreams®, and more.


One of the most dramatic methods for creating, changing, or augmenting the look that you want is the use of hair extensions. Breezy is trained, certified, and experienced in using all of the top methods for hair extension including Great Lengths® (including the Ultrasonic 5000), DreamCatchers, and Hairdreams®.


Breezy was aware very early in her career that applying hair extensions would be the key to giving her clients the most effective styles. She is trained and certified in the technical skills necessary and she is talented and experienced in the art of turning hair extensions into exciting, beautiful, and dramatic looks. Hair extensions are not just about giving you longer, fuller hair. Hair extensions also provide a method for creating dramatic effects, sharp and beautiful contrasts, and changes that would normally be impossible with nature alone.