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From deep, solid, naturally beautiful color to vibrant, dazzling, attention getting hues and tones, hair color is one of your major weapons in the battle to make a striking impression from the very first moment. Whether you are trying for a natural shade that sets a perfect tone or you want a technicolor splash that will turn heads around the room, you need two things to get the look you want: 1. Highest Quality Color. 2. Skilled application.


Breezy has an inventory of literally hundreds of Organic Colour Systems colors.   Organic Colour Systems provides spectacular results. "Organic" is not just a buzz word, it is the hottest line of hair colors today, for good reason.


This assures that you can choose the exact shade of the exact color that you desire for your look and that you will have the highest quality color applied.


Additionally, Breezy is a Master Colorist. With her training and experience in applying colors in just about every imaginable situation and circumstance, she has the skill to give you the best match, the best shade, and to use the best products to do it.


Breezy has made a career of giving her clients amazing results.